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Welcome to Green with Envy!

We offer fresh floral services in the Greater-Vancouver Area.

We aim to create a “green” space for small spaces to large events; a space to discover, converse and share. We offer an eclectic mix of modern, vintage and organically-inspired elements with a hand-selected array of unique home decor products combined with fresh floral designs.

Services include: wedding, corporate, special events + occasions (housewarming, engagement, birthday, anniversary, etc) and weekly floral/plant decor for small to large businesses (reception desks, open houses). We also offer private terrarium building workshops.



Air Plants/Terrariums

An ‘AIR PLANT’ is also know as ‘TILLANDSIA’ and they are one of the easiest plants to grow. They are Epiphytes which mean they use other trees or objects as a home to grow on. Tillandsia use the tiny vessels (trichomes) located throughout their leaves to capture nutrients and moisture from the air.Even though they are easy to grow they still need attention to live and survive – if taken care of with love they will survive for many years and will even grow ‘pups’. Some species even flower in bright colors!

SUCCULENTS are plants that can retain water in ‘desert-like’ climates. They can store water in the leaves or stems. Succulents are popular in the home because they are striking in appearance can they look “unusual’.

Air plant & succulent terrariums are one of the most trendy and fun ways to display your plants indoors.

We locally source high-quality air plants (tillandsias), succulents and everything else you need to build your very own unique and stylish terrarium. You can choose your own plants to fit your lifestyle.

We offer monthly workshops in Vancouver and North Vancouver – be sure to see our Eventspage for upcoming classes.

For information on how to care for air plants and succulent terrariums, please see our plant care page.

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All Occasions

We can help you with everyday occasions from:

  • Births/Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Housewarming
  • New Job/ Promotion
  • Sympathy
  • Get Well
  • Holidays – Mothers Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and more!

You can choose from bouquets, vase arrangements, houseplants + planters, succulents + terrariums or even air plants in our fun containers – all wrapped and ready to be delivered.

Sending the right arrangement can send the exact message you need to relay.


Corporate / Standing Orders

Fresh floral speaks volumes and building relationships with our clients is very important to understanding what they want in fresh floral for their space which is why we love corporate and standing orders. We can accomodaste everything from local shops and restaurants to open houses, hotels, condos and corporate offices.

This gives us a chance to strut our stuff! Each arrangement is custom designed with creative, innovative and interesting ideas.

You can choose from fresh floral arrangements in vases, planters, terrariums and even air plants!

We can arrange weekly, monthly or season floral designs that suit your environment & budget delivered to your space worry-free.

Looking for a fun group event? Why not host a Terrarium-Building class at your office? Contact us for more information.

High Tea

Special Events

From hosting an event to opening a business; whatever your want to celebrate we can translate your idea with fresh floral decor and arrangements to give your special event a spark of classic elegance, over-the-top, casual + simple, vintage or themed!

Wedding Bouquet


Your wedding day will be full of a million little details & flowers will be a big part of making your day beautiful & memorable. We can help make your most memorable day even more beautiful with floral that matches your style.

We can help say “I do” by translating your ideas & feelings or budget into beautiful arrangements.

  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Boutonnieres & Corsages
  • Flower Girls & Ring Bearers
  • Flowers for Church/Reception Hall
  • Table Arrangements
  • Take-away Gifts

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